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Maharera registration numbers : Cluster 1 (towers Vivaan, Vyom & Vatsal) P51700003535 , Cluster 2 (towers Vahin & Vrisa) P51700003793, Cluster 4 (towers Vraj & Vidit) P51700003283, Cluster 4a (Vama & Vyan) P51700005256

Piramal Vaikunth

The flagship community development of Piramal Realty, Piramal Vaikunth is nestled amidst 32-acres of sprawling greenery in Balkum, Thane. Designed to sustain a fulfilling sense of community living and provide a deeper connection with nature, Piramal Vaikunth offers residents both the raw simplicity of a natural habitat, alongside the plush comfort of high-end living.

Piramal Vaikunth houses an exquisite collection of apartments and townhomes in the heart of Thane. Surrounded by lush hills, lakes, and nature reserves, it offers residents unique avenues to reconnect with the environment while enjoying the comforts of city life.Blending luxury living with nature’s tranquility away from the urban grind, half of Piramal Vaikunth’s 32-acre footprint is dedicated to preserving indigenous plant species. Nature trails, organic gardens and parks with dense foliage will be present across its expanse.Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Pioneering a 'founder customer' programme, Piramal Realty worked with potential customers and scoped out what mattered most to them. Spaciousness, light, ventilation and natural greenery – core principles of biophilic design - took priority. Living in a community of like-minded people was another important aspect of the design philosophy.Piramal Vaikunth has incorporated these elements in all its designs to improve residents’ quality of life. High-ceilinged homes set in large open areas reinforce the principle of spaciousness.Dual aspect apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows provide abundant ventilation, spectacular views and sunlight.

All buildings in the estate have been constructed using natural, indigenous, and sustainable materials. Walnut and ceruse oak floors bring warmth to living spaces, and elegant marble and quartz dazzle in the light.Cobbled walking paths, landscaped podiums, and fractal-patterned walls that mimic the intricate designs of seashells and salt flats, are eco-friendly and beautiful to look at.

Piramal Vaikunth

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